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Dyeing machines are mainly divided into the following nine categories
Sep 12, 2018

1. Overflow jet dyeing machine for grey cloth:

Used for chemical fiber, chemical fiber blend, cotton, interweave various thick and thin machine, knitting fabric loose type and bleaching.

2. Jet dyeing machine for skein yarn:

Suitable for bleaching, scouring, dyeing, washing and reprocessing of colloidal silk, single yarn, rayon, silk, silk and mercerized cotton yarn.

3. Room temperature overflow dyeing machine:

This machine is an inflatable flat overflow multi-use dyeing machine, can also be used for rope dyeing, suitable for all kinds of knitwear, woven fabric under normal temperature bleaching, dyeing treatment dyeing liquid spray soft, cloth tension is small, dyestuff province, low energy consumption fabrics transport between the roller few tension, reduce fabric shrinkage and distortion phenomenon.

4. Room temperature constant pressure dyeing machine:

Normal temperature and pressure coiling machine can be used for pretreatment, washing and dyeing of woven fabrics. Pretreatment includes desizing, washing and bleaching. Normal temperature constant volume dyeing machine is mainly used for the dyeing of cellulose and polyamide dyes as well as the washing and bleaching of cellulose.

5. Beam dyeing machine:

Ball staining, also known as beam staining, is a new process of cowboy staining compared with the traditional flake staining. Cordage dyeing machine is the high grade equipment of producing high grade denim and color denim. Main technical features: dyeing efficiency is high, with dyeing speed up to 5-36m/min, which is more than 50% higher than general dyeing and slurry machine. The dye is of good quality. The color and shade are uniform and uniform, with less color difference. After the yarn beam is divided by machine, the color difference between left, middle and right can be completely solved. The production process of denim fabric is: ball - dyeing - dividing - sizing - weaving, which is very favorable for sizing operation control, so the sizing quality is obviously improved compared with the combined dyeing machine. In air jet loom weaving, the efficiency of loom is above 95% on average. Compared with the general pulp dyeing machine, the efficiency of cloth dyeing machine is obviously improved. Good quality, simple and convenient operation, continuous startup without loss, suitable for mass production.

6. Barrel and diameter shaft dyeing machine:

Suitable for dyeing cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon, wool, polyester/cotton, polyester/wool, cotton/linen and various blended yarn. Each kind of yarn frame is equipped, and different kinds of yarn are dyed. Bobbin yarn, diameter yarn.

7. (pull cylinder) rope dyeing machine:

Suitable for pre-and post-processing of knitted or woven fabrics at room temperature and pressure, such as dyeing, bleaching, boiling and washing.

8. Garment dyeing machine:

At present, the ideal equipment of garment dyeing is widely used. It is especially suitable for dyeing and finishing of wool, polyamide, nylon, artificial silk, etc.

9. Disperse dyeing machine.

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    Add: No.28 of Beihui Road, Qianzhou Town, Huishan district, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.
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